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(suretek will soon be rebranded to 360Mobile Work Force© Zentive Limited 2008)

Device and Service Provisioning

suretek© Zentive Limited 2008 is Zentive’s built-for-purpose mobile workforce platform providing high return on investment; it is an intuitive user interface accessed through a regular mobile phone browser app – no specialist ruggedised handset is required. It supports Field Technicians in the management of subscriber new installs and trouble tickets and provides a high degree of cost effectiveness.

Built on a modern software framework, the modular platform can be customised, easily implemented on any standard application server and rapidly deployed into any Pay TV MSO business involved in the management of customer premise equipment.

The suretek© platform allows any Field Technician with a mobile phone data access to obtain secure and real-time communication with the subscriber management and billing platform, the latter being the hub of the despatch process.

suretek© can assist your mobile staff with the activation of their CPE new install requirements as well as supporting the resolution of CPE technical faults; through the use of a simple browser interface the technician can interact real-time with the back office systems so easing the workload of despatch department representatives.

Customizable modules allow suretek© to evolve with any business requirement, and today it is in production handling thousands of incidents per day.

If you are a Pay TV operator looking to reduce the cost of your field operations, or to engage with your subscribers more effectively, suretek© is a simple, structured and easy-to-use tool that will help you orchestrate your needs.

suretek© Highlights

  • Easy-to-use browser based interface
  • Real-time communication with subscriber management and billing system
  • Uses a regular mobile phone with internet browsing capabilities (mobile Internet) to communicate avoiding expensive bespoke mobile handhelds
  • Supports secure transmission protocol (SSL)
  • Optional Web services interface available that allows access of other 3rd party applications to suretek functionality

suretek© Features

  • Screen pages optimised for mobile phone display use
  • Secure login for Field Technicians
  • Two-way real time communication to back office systems
  • Install and activate new CPE for broadband, telephone and video
  • Captures equipment details
  • Captures wiring details
  • Automatic activation of new or swapped equipment
  • Real-time measurement of CPE signal levels to ensure quality of service
  • Handles issue resolution for already installed equipment (trouble tickets)
  • Captures fault codes
  • Captures solution codes

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